Andreas Ceska

Birth date: 12-21-58, Vienna, Austria;  

Languages: German, English, French, Hindi, Italian.


1978 - 80: Academic studies in psychology, philosophy and science education at the University of Vienna;


1980 - 83: Dramatic arts studies, acting and pantomime; earned diplomas at the Ecole Internationale De Mimodrame De Paris and Paritätische Prüfungskommission for Performing Arts in Vienna.

Teachers: Marcel Marceau, Maximilian Decroux, Yves and Gerard Lebreton, Egmont Tamiz, Annette Mattox (dance), Walter Lott (Actors Studio- New York).


Since 1981, Mr. Ceska has held featured and leading parts in several theater plays, including Othello and Il phantasmi di Commedia dell`arte, in Venice, Italy; Mimeworks One, in Paris, France; Le Histoire de Soldat, in Toulon, France; Romeo and Juliette, A Shaft of Light, The

Emperors New Clothes, The White Disease, e.t.c., in Vienna, Austria; and KIVA, in Columbus, Ohio, Davie and Elkins College, Elkins, West Virginia, and Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.

Leading roles in television production Rilke in Venice for RAI-Italian television and ORF- Austrian television.


Leading part in Trauma – a movie presented as an Austrian contribution at the BIENNALE-Filmfestival of Venice '92.

Instructor for acting and mime at the Centro Culturale Tre Oci and Teatro Santa

Marta in Venice, Italy; led acting workshops in Toulon, France.

Instructor at theater workshops at the Hospital and Asylum for Mental Deseases, Pierrefeu, France.

Co-conception and solo pantomimes in an educational youth series for the Austrian television station, ORF.


1987-88: Actor and mime-choreographer at the Theater der Jugend, Vienna, Austria.


1988- 91: Member of the Actors Studio N.Y., at the Schauspielhaus Wien (Vienna, Austria).



1984-1999: Artistic leader of the independent theater company THEATER STROMBOLI.

Productions: Mimeworks, 1984, Kiva , 1985, The Book of Images, 1986, Dirty Stories, 1989-2008, and Cullet Head, 1995.


1996: German National Theater Weimar: The Ax in the Back of the Bishopa Solo Play for an Unarrested Actor, from Harald Kislinger (coproduction with the German National Theater Weimar and Theater Phönix, Linz, Austria), afterwards these productions toured in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.


 1996 - 97: Coproducer and main actor for the play Monsters of Lila at the Theater an der Winkelwiese, Zürich, Switzerland and Die-Theater, Vienna, Austria; these shows toured in Switzerland and Austria. (Coproduction between Theater Bumper to Bumper (Switzerland) and Theater Stromboli (Austria).


1995 - 97: Artistic director of CIRCUS ALIENOS – a journey through the alien world: multicultural theater and animation project for children in a big top, performed in Vienna, Linz, and Innsbruck, Austria, and Festival of Dreams, OHO- Oberwart.


1997- 99, '04: Forchtenstein Fantastisch: Directing and acting in several theater productions and medieval music programs for children (Castle of Forchtenstein, Austria, 70.000 spectators).


1998: Actor in Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo, Studiobühne Villach, Austria;


1999: Actor in Austrian television-production: Kaspar+Melchior+Balthasar, ORF, directed by Kitty Kino.

Leading part in Gras dem Vieh und Fleisch dem Menschen, a play by Alexander Widner Klagenfurter Ensemble, Klagenfurt, Austria.


1999: CD-production: Dirty Songs – concert tour in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

CD-production: We are Troubadours, medieval music for children.



2000: Leading part in Closed Society, by Jean Paul Sartre, University of Art, Linz, Austria.


2001: Ritter Kamenbert , a musical for children: actor/singer on tour in Luxembourg,

Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.


2004: Actor in Austrian television movie (ORF): My Murder, directed by Elisabeth Scharang.


2004-05: Certificate of Cultural Management from the Institute f. Kulturkonzepte, Vienna, Austria.


2005-06: Acting Workshop Instructor at the Istituto di Commedia dell`arte

Internazonale, Padova (Padua), Italy.


1989- 2008: DIRTY STORIES, a play for one actor in a bathtub, performed more than 1000 times and almost continually on tour in Austria, Germany, Switzerland.


2002-10: Co-founder of the company TEATRO BUFFO: Plays and workshops of performing arts for young people.

Plays: CIRCUS: Theatre- Circus, Pantomime and Music… a play with interaction for children.

TROUBADOUS” -Performed fairy tales and music from medieval times-guest at the






2002- 2015: CIRCUS-AIR- Conception and constant realisation of Workshops for schools and Individuals in performing arts, mime and circus arts (in a real circus big top near Vienna)             


2006- 2007: WORLD OF BUFFOONS- workshop and theater project for young people in a medieval city.


2008- 2009: ACTING- MIME-  workshops for art students at the Youth Performance Arts Festival 2008 in Lahore- Pakistan, at Springdale Senior School for students in Amritsar- India and at Modern School- New Delhi 2011.


2009-2010: Director of Children For Peace- a play for the opening of the Indo- Pakistani Festival SAANJH 2009, long term workshops in mime and circusarts in Lahore and Amritsar and director of Theatre for Peace- Circus for Peace - a play for the opening of SAANJH- Festival 2010 in Amritsar, India.


2011: Directing a a long term Theatre- Workshop in Shillong (Northeastindia). A Mime Performance was worked out with 18 children (9 of them with physical disabilities). This Performance toured through nine Indian cities to promote  CHILD- and HUMAN RIGHTS.


2012-21: ART FOR CHANGE- directing a sustainable Intercultural Theatre- Mime and Circusartsproject with Children from  Slumareas in New Delhi, India- for CHILD RIGHTS, EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, GENDER EQUALITY... against CLIMATE CHANGE, POVERTY;