THEATRE FOR EDUCATION was founded as a cultural initiative for young people to connect performing arts and education as a platform for creativity, mutual, intercultural understanding and playful learning of social integrity for kids (and adults).


On the one hand the company is producing own theatre plays and mime shows with children (and adults), on the other hand the company is teaching through workshops in acting, mime and circus arts for schools and educational institutions all over Austria and multinational in Europe and Asia. The plays toured over Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Pakistan and India and are invited to Austrian and International Performing Art Festivals.


Mr. Ceska held international workshops for acting students in Italy, France, Pakistan, India and Austria.



Since 2007 we are constantly involved in partnership projects in Pakistan and India. 2007 the company was invited with the play Troubadours to the World Performing Arts Festival 2007 in Lahore, in 2008 an Acting and Mime Workshop for art students from all over Pakistan was held during the Youth Performing Arts Festival 2008- also in Lahore.


In March and April 2009 we were invited to Springdales Senior School in Amritsar (India) for an Acting and Mime Workshop with students. The artistical results of this workshop was shown in a performance in front of 2000 people.


As this performance turned out very positive and sucsessfully, the company was invited again to Amritsar in autumn 2009 to conduct Children For Peace- a youth theatre project, in which children and students from India and Pakistan created together a play devoted to the idea of peace and mutual understanding. Children For Peace opened the festival SAANJH 2009 in Amritsar.


In 2010 the project continued with a long term workshop in Amritsar and Lahore and an opening performance for the INDO- PAKISTANI ART- festival SAANJH 2010 in front of 3000 people.



In spring 2011 the workshop Theatre for Peace was invited to New Delhi in collaboration with Modern School with a final performance in front of 2000 people at Shankar Hall in the middle of the city.


During October and November 2011 a long time theatre Workshop was hold in Shillong, Northeast India. The results of this work went on a performing tour with 18 children (9 with physical disabilities) through 9 Indian cities promoting the CHILD RIGHTS.



2011-20: ART FOR CHANGE- a Sustainable Theatre- Mime and Circusarts Project with children from  Slum Areas in New Delhi- final performances in front of more than 160.000 people and in collaboration with UNICEF, World Vision, Red Ribbon India, UNESCO- New Delhi. During 5 years vulnerable Children from the Delhi- Slums were educated to act as Child Rights Activists and Professional Artists on Stage with permanent training and Performances.


Theatre is always a mirror, a reflection of reality… in education and working with children theatre is a creative, serious, but joyful possibility to teach and practice profoundly humanity and cultural exchange worldwide and to explore ourselves as well…