art for change- new delhi 2011-21




ART FOR CHANGE started in 2012 as a sustainable, intercultural Performing Arts Project for and with vulnerable Children from the Slums of New Delhi, India.



Underprivileged Children and Adolescents (8- 18 years) living in slum areas of New Delhi are constantly trained in Acting, Mime and Circusarts.





It became a longtime partnership project between the Indian NGO „PRATYEK“ and the Austrian NGO „THEATRE FOR EDUCATION“.


In permanent workshops the children also get knowledge about Child- and Human Rights, Education, Health Care, Gender Equality.


English classes are hold regularly for them.





Together with the Children we create and work out artistic performances, which are focused on Child Rights, Education, Health Care, Gender Equality.





During the last 9 years the Children performed in front of more than 160.000 people in India.


They were invited to renommated Art Festivals, UNICEF- UNESCO- Worldvision- Events, guests at

Int. Conferences, Universities and Schools in India and at the  U.N. General Assembly 2015 in New York.




Our Children and Adolescents work with Performing Arts on stage as charismatic, efficient Advocats for Child and Human Rights.